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Hi I'm Suzanne and I create beautiful, bespoke and personal letterpress stationery, combining modern and antique methods creatively and thoughtfully.
I love all things design, stationery and above all…..letterpress! It is fair to say that it is my passion.
This passion shines through in all of the unique designs and letterpress wedding invitations and suites. 

Every order is patiently handmade, lovingly assembled and meticulously checked over.
I design and print all work in house at my perfectly petite design & print studio in the beautiful area, the Cotswolds in Cirencester at New Brewery Arts Centre in England. I enjoy and are constantly inspired by the alluring views from our studio windows and the enticing countryside and woods that surround. Beautiful sunsets keep me going when I'm working overtime! As you will surely see, a lot of my work is inspired by nature and it’s beauty shines through.